The Aquarius Navigational Rally 2015 - Final Instructions

Seeded Entry List
Additional Files: 

MSA Permit No. (National B)  86522

MSA Permit No. (Clubman)    86523

Route Authorisation No.        001/15/S


PROGRAMME. & ROUTE. (SR7s combined, numbering typo!)

Scrutineering & Signing On Open


Saturday 24th February

Scrutineering & Signing On Close, Drivers Briefing



Standard Time at MTC0



Standard Time at MTC1

Standard Time at MTC35




Sunday 25th February


Trailer Parking & Noise

58/ 1080 028½

Kinross Services, Kinross, KY13 0NQ


58/ 1200 0470

Stewart & Smart, 8-6 Stirling Road, Milnathort, Kinross, KY13 9XG

Documentation / MTC0

58/ 1220 0470

Thistle Hotel, 25 New Road, Milnathort, Kinross, KY13 9XT


58/ 1220 0470

Thistle Hotel, 25 New Road, Milnathort, Kinross, KY13 9XT


Small spill kits (as required by SR.9) shall be available for purchase at Noise, at a cost of £6.00.


Competitors will be supplied with route cards and route instructions as necessary at MTC0. Time cards and a list of out of bounds areas and Quiet Zones may be provided at signing on. These documents will provide all the information necessary for competitors to comply with R.9. The correct route will be deemed to be the shortest route which complies with the instructions, and straight-on unless otherwise instructed.


Abbreviations which may be used shall be as follows:

!              Caution

CAR        Consider All Roads CRO Coloured Roads Only NAM               Not As Map

SGW      Stop at Give Way (all wheels must cease all forward motion)

GW         Give Way


All route instructions shall be Coloured Roads Only (CRO) unless otherwise indicated.


The total mileage will consist of approximately 115 miles on both public highway & private property, of which approximately 85 miles shall be competitive. Under-guarding will not be necessary. Fuel will be available on route after approximately 65 miles.


Example route instructions are as follows (based on 2014 route):


58/ 020½ 1350



! Q in Dunning


58/ 018½ 145½




! blind


58/ 002½ 139½









� PC6A


! Joining A824


58/ 002½ 139½








Clerk of the Course

Richard Crozier

Deputy Clerk of Course

Jonathan Stepney

Secretary of the Meeting                                            

Richard Crozier

Entries Secretary    

Maureen Crozier

Chief Marshal                      

Richard Crozier

Chief Timekeeper    


Chief Scrutineer                   

George Shiels

Club Steward                       

Steve Turnbull

Child Protection Officer         

Bill Creevy




The following awards shall be presented:


1st Overall              An award each

1st Expert              An award each

1st Clubman           An award each


No competitor may win more than one award.


N.B. We did eventually receive sufficient entries that would have also justified awards for 1st Novice and 2nd Clubman, but only after official close of entries!! Absence of silverware = another reason to get your entries in on time folks!




Delete control types STS (Special Test Start) & STF (Special Test Finish) – no Special Tests have been applied for. Control & timing procedures are elaborated upon as follows:

R.9.2.1. Any control is considered to extend for 50m around the actual point at which Officials are making their records, or 3m in the case of NAM “See Diagram” controls.

R.12.3. The time of arrival at or departure from a control including intermediate and final controls of Regularity Sections, will be the time at which the Time Card is presented by the Competitor concerned, providing all crew members and cars are within the control area.

R.30.2.2. Where a control at the end of a section timed to the second (or to the second and part thereof) also forms the start of a section timed to the minute, the time of departure will be considered as being the same as arrival, but ignoring any seconds or parts thereof.



Provisional schedule time at MTC0 is 20:00 plus car number.








Please proceed to Scrutineering by turning left 58/ 1120 0260 mini-roundabout to remain on A911, i.e. avoiding

Kinross town centre.

If supplies needed that can’t be found at Services, Sainsbury’s supermarket ~100m beyond this junction, on right.




Should Scrutineering venue be full, please queue in the “Waiting Area” car park just beyond, and await bay becoming available.


Once completed Scrutineering, proceed to designated parking round back of start venue. Should this be full, please continue on to end of Back Loan (1-way street), and utilise free on-street parking.

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