THE SUMMER STAGES JUNIOR RALLY - Saturday 14th June 2014




1.1   Supplementary Regulations


2      Announcement

Glenrothes Motor Sport Club Limited will organise a National B Permit single venue Rally, the Summer Stages Junior Rally on Saturday 14th June  2014 at Crail Airfield, Fife



3      Jurisdiction

The meeting will be governed by the General Regulations of the Motor Sports Association Ltd (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), these supplementary regulations and any written instructions that the organising Club may issue for the Event.


4      Authorisation

Summer Stages Junior Rally: MSA Permit number 83513 has be granted.


5      Eligibility

The events is open to Registered members of:

The Brick & Steel Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge 2014

The Kick Energy Junior 1000 Championship 2014

The Junior 1000 Rally Challenge Ireland 2014



6      Licences

All competitors must produce valid 2014 Competition Licences and MSA Associated Club Membership cards.

Drivers require a Junior Stage Rally National B licence.

Navigators require a National A Stage Rally licence or International Rally licence or a National B Stage Rally Licence and J1000 Co-driver Passport Membership of GMSC may be obtained for £10 (age 17 or over) or £2 (under 17).


7      Championships

The event is a round of the Brick & Steel Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge permit number 31/2014


8      Programme

Entries Open: May 9th 2014

Entries Close:noon on Saturday 7th June 2014

Final Instructions issued on Monday 9th June 2014

Scrutineering and Documentation opens : Friday 13th June times tba

Scrutineering reopens Saturday 14th June 07:00

Documentation reopens Saturday 14th June 07:15

First Senior Car Starts 08:00 – first Junior car starts 10:00 approx.

Any competitor not signed on by one hour before their scheduled start time may be deemed a non-starter and their competition number may be allocated to a reserve.

Friday Night scrutineering and signing on is courtesy of John Rintoul at FCE GROUP, Banbeath Place, Leven, KY8 5HD. Map Ref 370015 Landranger sheet 59. Times will be advised in the Final Instructions. Please book scrutineering slot in advance by contacting or 07703 436023 (mobile) or 01337 831952 (home).


9      Route

The event will consist of 4 stages of approximately 31 miles, on the runways and perimeter roads of Crail Airfield, MR 59/620085. These stages will be timed to an accuracy of less than 1 minute. The stages are 95% tarmac and 5% concrete. Route definition will be by detailed sketch maps. Cars will start at 30 second intervals. Route features will be formed by a mixture of straw bales, tyres and other barriers.


10  Vehicles

All vehicles must comply with MSA Technical Regulations. Special Stage Rally Log Books are required, and must be presented at Scrutineering. A tax disc is not required for this event. MOT certificates may be inspected.


11  Classes

The event will consist of one class as follows:

Class J1:  up to 1000cc


12            Awards

Awards will be presented as follows:

1st Overall:  Driver and Navigator

2nd Overall: Driver and Navigator

3rd Overall:  Driver and Navigator



13            Entries

The entry list opens on May 9th and closes at noon on Saturday 7th June 2014. The Entry Fee is £200. Entry is only available online at

Payment can be made:

by direct bank transfer to Sort Code : 80 16 84  Account number : 0060 2954  Account Name “Glenrothes Motor Sport Club” with the reference number from the entry system quoted as a reference,


by Paypal – details via the web site.

You can contact Alan via the email address or in the evenings on 07716184588.

Late  entries may be accepted, but will incur a surcharge of £25 (Total entry Fee £225). An entry is not accepted until payment has been received. The maximum entry for the meeting involving the Summer Stages and the Summer Junior Stages , is 90 – comprising 70 seniors and 20 juniors. The minimum is 50. A reserve list will be maintained. The minimum for each Class is 6. Should any of the above minimum figures not be reached, the Organisers have the right to either cancel the meeting or amalgamate classes as necessary. Entries will be selected in order of receipt of full payment. Entry fees will be refunded in full if withdrawal is notified to the Entries Secretary by noon on 7th June, or with a deduction of £10 up to the day of the event to cover administration costs. A reserve list will be maintained if the event is oversubscribed.


14            Seeding

The order of starting will be at the organisers discretion, based on competitors previous results as declared on the entry form. Spot checks will be carried out but the event’s organisers will not attempt to fill in blanks. Once the entry list has been published, no correspondence will be entered into regarding the starting order. Any competitor found to have supplied false information concerning previous results on the entry form may be excluded and their entry fee forfeited.


15            Officials


Clerk of the course

Robert Ness



Chief Scrutineer


Willie Greig

Deputy CoC



Diane Jones

Assistant Cof C

Tom Matthews





Graham Murray



Environment Scrut




Entries Secretary

Alan Cowan



Comp. Liaison

Ian Park


Chief Safety Officer

Ron Cowan

Radio Co-ordinator

Brenda McRae

Results Officer

Raymond Mann

Chief T/Keeper

Stan Thorogood

Chief Medical Officer

Alan Dunn

CP Officer

Bill Creevy

Stage Commander


MSA Steward



Chief  Marshal

Jim Wilson



Club Stewards


Arthur Weatherly


Trix Grant




Beth Ness




Richard Hyslop



Child Protection



Bill Creevy




Please do not  phone officials after 21:30


16            Results

Provisional Results will be published as soon as possible after the event, at the Results Officer’s location in the area of the scrutineering hangar. Awards will be presented inside the scrutineering hangar when Results are finalised.


17            Protests

Any protest must be lodged in accordance with C.5


18            Documentation

Competitors will be supplied with sketch maps and time cards at signing on. These documents will provide all necessary information to enable competitors to comply with MSA Regulations.


19            Identification

Competitors will be identified by competition numbers of MSA specified size and type on both sides of the vehicle. Normal door numbers will be used and they will be supplied by the organisers at signing on.


20            Stage Starts

Stage starts will be in order of arrival at the previous main control.


21            Penalties

Marking and penalties will be as printed in the appropriate section of the MSA General Regulations, except as modified below(R Chart 32.2)

(c) Not performing a stage correctly:

Taking a wrong route: Stage Maximum.

Driving on grass or crops: up to Stage Maximum.

Moving a board, bale or other stage furniture; 10 seconds. Destruction of junction or chicane:

1st Offence: Stage Maximum

2nd Offence: EXCLUSION

(m) Damaged or ineffective silencer system:

1st Offence: Stage Maximum

2nd Offence: Immediate exclusion from the event. (p and R25.6.2)

Driving in the reverse direction:

Immediate exclusion from the event.

(r) Not complying with a reasonable instruction by an official:

1st Offence: 10 minutes.

2nd Offence: Immediate exclusion from the event.



All other General Regulations of the MSA apply as written except for the following which are modified:

R29.1.7  Stages will be identified by detailed sketch maps.

R24.7, R24.8  All named officials, start and finish Marshals, radio crews and marshals at splits and elsewhere will be Judges of  Fact to judge driving standards, compliance with correct route, wrong direction, hitting stage furniture, trespass etc. A list of  Judge of Fact names will be displayed on the Rally Notice Board.

R40.1 To be classified as a finisher, a competitor must complete all the special stages, visit all the time controls within the maximum lateness, must supply a completed damage declaration, and must not have contravened any regulation for which the penalty is exclusion.

R31.2.5  R31.2.6  Lateness is penalty free, but the maximum lateness is 5 minutes. R32.1.1  Competitors may be required to reduce lateness from service time.

Additionally. Any changes in the Final Instructions, or on any notice signed by the Clerk of the

Course or his Deputy and displayed on the Official Notice Board or otherwise during the event, will have the same force as these Regulations.


23            Yellow Flag Procedure

On any special stage where extreme circumstances make it necessary to authorise the movement of non-competing or rescue vehicles before the stage is cleared of competing cars, a system of yellow flags will be utilised. The Flags will be located at strategic points including radio points and will only be displayed on the specific instruction of the Clerk of the Course or the Stage Commander and only when there is the situation of non-competing vehicles moving on stage ahead of competing cars. Yellow flags will be prominently displayed and held steady. All personnel displaying a yellow flag will be wearing a marshal’s tabard. No other colour of flag will be deployed at any point along the special stage.

On passing a yellow flag, drivers must immediately and significantly reduce speed as well as being prepared so stop at any time. Drivers must not attempt to overtake any safety vehicle encountered on the stage, but should follow the instructions of Marshals and/or safety personnel while proceeding at reduced speed until they  leave the stage. Failure to comply

with this procedure could incur a penalty at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course.

Competitors who have been shown a yellow flag will be given a notional time for the stage.


24            Trophy Rally

Competitors who retire, go OTL or suffer the penalty of “exclusion from the results” (but not immediate exclusion from the event) may take part in the Trophy Rally which runs over stages

5 & 6. Competitors must be the same driver, navigator and car and are subject to Technical Scrutineering. The Trophy Rally runs under the same Regulations as the main event, but the organisers reserve the right to amend order of seeding or start times or stop the Trophy Rally

at any time.


25            Out  of Bounds Areas

Some areas of the airfield, particularly the control tower and other buildings, are out of bounds to all persons who are not signed on officials. Any other persons found in these areas will

cause the associated crew to be excluded from the event. Competitors, service crews and spectators must avoid trespassing on crops and must also keep off all bales. Competitors may be penalised for the behaviour of associated persons. Judges of Fact will be on duty.


26            Video Cameras

Any competitor wishing to carry a video camera in car must complete the relevant section of the scrutineering and signing on process card and have the camera and mounting arrangement approved by the Chief Scrutineer.


27            Baulking

With multiple laps, there is more chance of cars catching one another. If a faster car catches you, keep to the side on a wide section and allow room to pass. Do not weave in front of a car trying to overtake, You are reminded of R.2.6 “the Clerk of the Course may exclude any competitor proven to have unreasonably baulked another competitor”


28            Litter

Refuse sacks will be issued at documentation. Please put your rubbish in the sack and place it in a bin on site or take it home with you. Do not leave empty fuel containers or oil cans behind. Use a ground sheet when servicing and clean up spills of oil and other fluids. Competitors will be held responsible for the actions of service crews and others accompanying them to the event and may be penalised.


29            Quad  Bikes etc.

Quad bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, scooters, go-peds etc etc are forbidden in service areas (MSA guidelines) They MUST NOT be used to recce the stages. Competitors face penalties if they or any member of their crew disregards this instruction.

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