2020 Andy Wilson Memorial Autotest

Statement – Events Cancellation 

Glenrothes Motor Sport Club regret to announce the cancellation of the 2020 Kingdom Stages Rally, scheduled for 7th November at Crail Airfield; the 2020 Andy Wilson Memorial Autotest scheduled for 24th October at Knockhill Racing Circuit ; and the 2020 Leuchars Autotest, scheduled for 15th November at Leuchars Station. This brings with it the cessation of the club’s 2020 sporting activities.

As of w/c 21st September – the week we had originally planned to open entries for two of the events – in Scotland we are faced with a situation of increasing COVID-19 community prevalence, the raising of the UK COVID-19 Alert Level to Level 4, increasing nationwide restrictions, and the prospect of ‘flu season’ just weeks away. Further, the return of dual-occupancy motorsport in Scotland remains still contingent upon further restriction easing – which given the wider situation, we do not see likely being forthcoming in the short term.

It is against this backdrop, that the club directors, committee and event organising teams, feel we cannot in good faith press ahead with organisation of our events. Knowing full well not only the risk of our hands being forced by external factors, with event cancellation being required at short notice, and with it, major costs not only to the club, but also competitors and volunteers. But even were the events still able to take place, the potential negative impact on public health at this critical time, and the negative publicity this would risk bringing to the club, venues, and motorsport as a whole.

We know many were looking forward to these events, and will be as disappointed at hearing this news, as we are at having to share it. We thank you for your enthusiasm and support, and also hope that you will understand and ultimately support our decision.

For historical context – this will make 2020 only the second year in the 43-year history of the Kingdom Stages Rally, that the event has not run. We've escaped the grasp of the ’79 oil crisis, and foot-and-mouth disease in ‘01... but not the funeral of Princess Diana (yes, really!), and now, COVID-19.

The Andy Wilson Memorial Autotest is run as an annual tribute to club member and renowned autotester Andy Wilson, tragically lost to a heart condition – as such, every year the club donates all the proceeds of the event to the British Heart Foundation. The club is therefore particularly disappointed at not being able to run the event this year, but are looking at options to bolster our donation in 2021. In the meantime, we would kindly ask that our members and friends consider making a donation of their own choosing, at this particularly challenging time for charities – donations can be made at www.bhf.org.uk/psdonate

With full acknowledgement of the fact that this pandemic will likely be with us for some time yet to come, and the world will not just be “back to normal” on 1/1/21, we hope that the wider situation will be more conducive to our 2021 activities taking place. The 2021 Summer Stages Rally is scheduled for 12th June, and 2021 Kingdom Stages Rally / Junior Stages Rally for 6th November, both taking place at Crail Airfield. The dates of the 2021 Andy Wilson Memorial Autotest and 2021 Leuchars Autotest, remains subject to confirmation at this time.

In the meantime – stay safe, protect the NHS, and keep the motorsport passion alive.

Glenrothes Motor Sport Club Ltd

Event pending further Scottish Government restriction easing on maximum outdoors gathering size
A Production Car Autotest, and/or passengers in AutoSOLO, may be added at a later date, pending further restriction easing from the Scottish Government and Motorsport UK

Strictly NO spectators at the current time - sorry!

Every AutoSOLO car must have been driven to the event.


Please can all marshals/officials complete an attendance form at


Round 2 of the 2020 SAMSC Scottish Autotest Championship
All proceeds donated to the British Heart Foundation

Glenrothes Motor Sport Club Ltd will organise a Clubman status Autotest / AutoSOLO / All-Forward Autotest on Saturday 1st August 2020 at Knockhill Racing Circuit, near Dunfermline, Fife, KY12 9TF (59/ 065 944).

The meeting will be held under the General Regulations of Motorsport UK incorporating the provisions of the International Code of the FIA, the Motorsport UK COVID-19 Guidance for Events, these supplementary regulations, and any written instructions the organising club may issue.


Please download the attached supplementary regulations.

2020 Andy Wilson Memorial Autotest 

Glenrothes Motor Sport Club Ltd. Will promote a Clubman status Autotest / P.C.A. on Sunday 19th April 2020 at Knockhill Racing Circuit, near Dunfermline, Fife, KY12 9TF.

Please see the supplementary regulations attached.

Note: the application form was updated at 6:30pm on 11/03/2020. Please ensure you use the most recent version, thank you.